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Mahh Bucket List! ;D

Bucket List.

So, I was going through old stuff and found this Bucket List that I had going. So, I decided to add-on and try to complete most of it. Anyways, here it is:

1. Write a novel. (Complete it.)
2. Go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down.

3. Get a tattoo.
4. Go home at lunch and not return back to school, without getting in trouble for skipping.
5. Chug a 2-liter soda.
6. Play Clair de Lune on the piano, flawlessly.
7. Publish said novel.
8. Speak a different language fluently.
9. Visit the UK.
10. Go scuba diving.
11. Go to a Taylor Swift concert.
12. Collect over 50 dollars in change found around the house.
13. Go fishing for salmon.
14. Visit and buy something from an antique store.
15. Try everything on the menu at Starbucks.
16. Travel to Greece.
17. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
18. See a bear out in the wild, in it’s natural habitat.
19. Successfully paint a good picture.
20. Go to the premiere of a big motion picture.
21. Get one of my favorite authors autographs.
22. Learn to play music by ear.
23. Learn to play Dear John by Taylor Swift on the piano, by ear.
24. Go deep sea fishing.
25. Adopt two children.
26. Visit Australia.
27. Go inside the Gateway Arch in Missouri.
28. Stay with relatives for a few week in a different place, not in Oregon.
29. Go on a mission trip.
30. Apologize to everyone I have wronged. Everyone.

31. Get colored contacts and convince people I actually have that color eyes.
32. Grow my hair out.
33. Break a bone in my body. (Not on purpose, though!)
34. Wear glasses.
35. Read the Bible in it’s entirety.
36. Successfully pull an all-nighter.
37. Make an account on Twitter.

38. Sew myself a shirt.
39. Actually finish a multi-chapter story on Fanfiction.net.
40. Draw something worth sharing.
41. Move out of this town.
42. Learn all the words (and understand what they mean!) of the song Bebot by the Black Eyed Peas.
43. Make a music video.
44. Make a how-to-play video tutorial of a song on the piano and post it on Youtube.
45. Get a job.
46. Get my permit.
47. Get my license.
48. Start a conversation with a complete stranger.
49. Visit New York.
50. Eat authentic Southern food in the South.
51. Go a whole day without talking to anybody.
52. Try eggnog for the first time.
53. Receive a mixed CD from someone other than family.
54. Give a CD back.
55. Go Black Friday shopping.

56. Successfully build a snowman all by myself.
57. Write a song that actually sounds good.
58. Make a difference in someone’s life.
59. Make a sock puppet.
60. Drink black coffee, straight. No creamer or anything.
61. Eat something de-fried that’s not supposed to be deep-fried, (twinkies, oreos, etc.)
62. Lay outside in the heavy rain.
63. Win in a staring contest.
64. Buy a band tee from an actual concert.
65. Buy something from a flea market.
66. Tell someone how it is.
67. Hike both Table Rocks.
68. Get a short-haired cat.
69. Create a blog.

70. Talk to a celebrity.
71. Make a shirt from my favorite book.

72. Learn to write my name in a different language.
73. Put together a scrapbook.
74. Create my own comic strip for my own families enjoyment.
75. Graduate from high school.
76. Go to college.
77. Ban soda from my life.
78. Complete everything on this list.
79. Attend a wedding.
80. Attend a funeral.

81. Play hide n seek in a cemetery/try to conquer my fear of them. (Probably the most difficult task on this list.)
82. Visit the Parthenon in Greece.
83. Visit the Parthenon in Tennessee.
84. Go on a cruise.
85. Visit a different country.

86. Go to Harry Potter World.
87. Hold my breath for longer than a minute.
88. You.
89. Make an awesome origami horse.
90. Volunteer.

91. See the Northern Lights.
92. Punch somebody in the face.

93. Live in Seattle with my sister.
94. Dye my hair.
95. See a play/show.

96. Own a large aquarium.
97. Tell a total stranger about God and Christianity.
98. Paint my room by myself.

99. Get all A’s on a report card without parental help.
100. Go on a road trip without any destination in mind.
101. Compete in a triathlon.
102. Be on TV for one reason or another.

103. Buy a manga/graphic novel.
104. Find an arrowhead.

105. Cook dinner for the family
106. Ride horses on the beach.
107. Spend a whole day watching old disney movies.
108. Drink coconut milk from an actual coconut.
109. Be in Times Square when the ball drops.
110. Go on a run at midnight.
111. Sing in front of people. (Even though I suck. ;D)
112. Paint my nails black.
113. Learn Drops of Jupiter on the piano.
114. Webcam with someone.
115. Learn to draw anime.
116. Drive through LA in a convertable.

Obviously, I can't do some of these things at this age, but, I'm working on it! Hopefully this list will be completely struckthrough before I die.


Tik Tok- The Hunger Games style

READ IT AND WEEP... tears of joy. ;D

Tik Tok- The Hunger Games style

Wake up in the morning next to my sister Prim
Fathers gone, died in the mines, I gotta live without him.
Today’s the Reaping, Prim’s names is called, I gotta take her place
And pretty soon all of Panem is gonna know my face

I’m talking this years the 74th Games, Games
My clothes are engulfed in flames, flames
Everyone knows our names, names
To the Capitol here we go, go
Gonna meet President Snow, Snow
Getting ready to go start this show.

We’re in the Games, goin insane
Clove and Cato after me
Won’t give up, no matter what
Tryin’ to dodge the Capitol mutts
In the Games, gatherin’ fame
But the Capitol won’t stop, no

Ain’t got a care in the world, ‘cept for the boy with the bread
Gotta keep him safe from Careers so he won’t end up dead
And now his leg is cut up, he might have blood poisoning
Cato’s really gonna get it, we’re gonna win this thing

I’m talking tracker-jackers everywhere, where
Fireballs singed my hair, hair
These Games aren’t even fair, fair.
Eatin dried plumb and lamb stew, stew
Marvel just killed Rue, Rue
Marvel just killed Rue
Marvel just killed Rue.

We’re in the Games, goin insane
Clove and Cato after me
Won’t give up, no matter what
Tryin’ to dodge the Capitol mutts
In the Games, gatherin’ fame
But the Capitol won’t stop, no

I braid my hair
And grab my bow
Snow's stooped too low
Yeah, he has now 

Nightlock in my hand,
We’ve got it now
You hear that sound?
We're rebelling now

I braid my hair
And grab my bow
Snow's stooped too low
Yeah, he has now.

I raise my bow up
Raise my bow up
Raise my bow up

Now the Games won’t stop until I win.

We’re in the Games, goin insane
Clove and Cato after me
Won’t give up, no matter what
Tryin’ to dodge the Capitol mutts
In the Games, gatherin’ fame
But the Capitol won’t stop, no

We’re in the Games, goin insane
Clove and Cato after me
Won’t give up, no matter what
Tryin’ to dodge the Capitol mutts
In the Games, gatherin’ fame
But the Capitol won’t stop, no

This is the result of a girl and her sister who just had a birthday and are a bit sleep-deprived. ;D HOPE YOU ENJOY! Music tune or whatever belongs to Ke$ha. Characters/settings and what not belong to the author of the book, Suzanne Collins. Butttttt, I came up with everything else. I haven't looked at other parodies of this song, so any simillarities are coincidental. Also, if you use this anywhere else, make sure you credit me.




FF: No Happy Endings

Well, I'm super bored right now! Where I live, it's currently 11:31 pm. I should be thinking about getting some sleep, but instead, I'm on the computer. I haven't updated either blogs lately, so I've been sitting here, at my laptop thinking of something to write. No luck. But I want to update, so I decided to post one of my fanfictions. The thing is with fanfiction, you can't edit stuff you've already posted. So, when I go back and read my fics, I'm usually pretty embarrased I even posted it in the first place. There are so many changes I missed to make it better! That's how it is with the one I'm going to post on this site right now. I re-edited this one, so it should be pretty grammar correct and flow smoother. Anyways, here it is!:

No Happy Endings
A Hunger Games fanfiction

A/N: Let's say that in Mockingjay, Gale and Katniss went to invade the Capitol to get Peeta back. Their plan was to explode it, cause a distraction, then get Peeta out safely. Obviously, it doesn't work, and that's what's happening in this fic. Also, Peeta isn't hijacked. I do not own the characters, or the song Katniss sings. Those belong rightfully to Suzanne Collins.

    BAM! My world fills with black as I am thrown backwards. Screams penetrate the air, and the scent of explosives and smoke fill my nostrils. I land onto something hard and sharp, and I can feel the warm blood trickle down my skull.
    My thoughts instantly take me back in time. Each new memory brings more throbbing to my already pounding head.
    "Remember, stealings punishable by death." Katniss says in a small voice. She looks up at me, her features so young… so helpless. Her gray eyes, wide with excitement and curiosity. My Catnip.
    Her lips. Her soft lips against mine. "I had to do that. Just once."
    Posy and Vick, tugging on my Mother's skirt. "Mommy, whens daddy coming home?"
    The memories pool up behind my eyelids. I've heard stories on how people's lives flash before their eyes as they're dying. Is this what's happening to me? Am I dying?
    "PEETA!" a voice screams, shattering the stream of my memories. It's Katniss. I await my name to be called but it never does.
    She called his name. Not mine.
    I will myself to open my eyes. Splotches of random colors dance across my sight. Smoke is everywhere. Small fires are lit here and there, and there's no sign of President Snow.
    The smoke eventually clears up a little bit but patches of bright green and yellow disrupt my vision. I can just barely make out a darkened figure through the ashy debris.
    "Katniss?" my voice is hardly audible. "Katniss?"
    My head and my heart are pounding, but I have to get to her. It takes several tries to get my legs working again, and by now I've lost so much blood I feel dizzy. I'm so discombobulated. I clumsily approach Katniss to see her kneeling down next to some burnt, mutilated object on the ground.
    It's Peeta Mellark.
    His singed hair adds a new scent for me to take in. Mellark's face is bloody and I can't make out anything on it besides his two bright blue eyes, which are now damp and full of pain. Even after seeing him this weak, possibly on his death bed, I still feel no sympathy towards him.
    "Catnip?" I whisper. My anger towards her instantly vanishes. Her being so desperate melts my angry bravado. She's never desperate. She's always been so strong. Besides, my head aches too much to even be worth getting angry. "Catnip?" I whisper again. She doesn't look back, can she hear me? I notice that she has one of Mellark's hands in hers.
    "I'm so sorry," she says quietly, her voice is so close to tears. I'm not sure if she's talking to me or Mellark. I put my hand on her shoulder, but she doesn't notice. She's ignoring me. Doesn't care. Her attention is fully on Mellark and I'm just a minor thing that can be dealt with later.
    I can't help but think; Isn't that how it's always been? It's always been about Peeta, ever since after the first Hunger Games. It's useless to think about what could have been. What could have been before the Hunger Games. Before I was her 'cousin'. Before Peeta Mellark took everything away from me. I'm reminded of how much I actually loathe him. I hate him for taking Katniss like this, and I hate myself for not doing enough about it.
    Quietly, a small sound squeaks out of his remains. "Kat…niss?"
    "Peeta?" she squeezes his hand harder. "Peeta!"
    Mellark says something back, but I'm not able to catch it. My grip on Katniss's shoulder is all I have left to hang on to as the world spins around me.
    Katniss sniffles. She brushes the singed hair out from his face. His blue eyes close, and I wonder if they're closing forever.
    She begins, "Deep in the meadow, under the willow. A bed of grass, a soft green pillow. Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes. And when again they open, the sun will rise"
    The song. I recognize the song. It's the same one she sang to that little girl in the 74th Hunger Games. Her voice cracks and falls and it's like she's whispering the words rather than singing them.
    "Here it's safe, here it's warm. Here the daisies guard you from every harm. Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true. Here is the place where I love you. Deep in the meadow, hidden far away. A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray. Forget your woes and let your troubles lay. And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.
    "Here it's safe, here it's warm. Here the daisies guard you from every harm Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true. Here is the place where I love you."
    Where I love you.
    My legs give out and I drop to the floor behind her. Hadn't I'd known this all along? I'd been a fool to deny it for so long. She loves Mellark. Katniss loves Mellark. She doesn't love me. I don't know if she ever has.
    "Peeta," her voice shakes.
    There's a trace of a smile on Mellark's ash-ridden face. "love…you, Katniss... always," I watch as he goes limp.
    Katniss begins to sob, and I'm surprised to feel tears on my face too. Not because the death of Peeta, not because of Katniss's pain, but because I know now that there is no future for me. I feel like knives are being crammed into my skull as well as my heart. With Mellark gone, she'll never be the same. She'll live in depression and remorse, until her own life is taken as well. I know her, and that's what she'll do.  My heart paces, speeds up until it's the only sound that fills my ears. A metallic taste fills my mouth. This is it. Mellark won't be the only one dead. This is it for me as well.
    "Catnip..." I mutter quietly. My goodbyes are on my lips but I can't say them. My world floats in and out of focus and I have no choice but to leave her completely alone in the remains of the Capitol.

I must admit, I was a little proud of this one (after I re-edited it). Sometimes, I wish some stories ended like this. Sometimes, there are no happy endings. Anyways, yeah. You can read others at my fanfiction url. Thanks for reading! (:


So basically, I've been hearing about livejournal everywhere. "Hey Jade, do you have a livejournal?", "You should get a livejournal! I have one!", "Duudee, on my livejournal...." Yeah, so now when someone asks me that, I can say YES, I DO HAVE ONE! I'm still not quite sure what it is or anything like that, I'm still exploring it. I have a blog at blogspot.com, but that's about it. I like the idea of having a blog, even though mine would be utterly pointless and nobody would read it. Which, I assume this ones going to be like. Which is okay! I'll post new stuff whenever I have something to say. Like my blogspot. I think when I update that one, I'll update this one, too! 

So a little about me now! My names Jade. If we lived in Panem (yeah, HUNGER GAMES! :DD) then I'd probably be dead, because where I live would most likely be flooded or something. Or, I'd live on the outskirts of District 13 (I've always thought New York to be where the Capitol is. Strange!). Anyways, I like to write a lot. It's my favorite hobby. I like to read and draw as well. I almost always have my nose burried in a notebook, a sketchbook, or a normal book. Uh, I play the piano. My favorite TV shows consist of Vampire Diaries, Fish Hooks (yes, the disney channel show! XD) and I have to admit, Cake Boss. Hah! I have four dogs and two cats, of whom I'm not a very big fan of. Like I said, I love to read. I'll probably make a journal entry on 'Jade's Top-Reccomended Book List!' or something like that. Oh, I write a lot of fanfiction. I'll probably post some of that as well. Maybeeee. My fanfiction url is: www.fanfiction.net/~bigcitylights. I mainly write for The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson.
Bahhh, well, I hope this suffices for a first journal entry. I'll update laterrr.