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Mahh Bucket List! ;D

Bucket List.

So, I was going through old stuff and found this Bucket List that I had going. So, I decided to add-on and try to complete most of it. Anyways, here it is:

1. Write a novel. (Complete it.)
2. Go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down.

3. Get a tattoo.
4. Go home at lunch and not return back to school, without getting in trouble for skipping.
5. Chug a 2-liter soda.
6. Play Clair de Lune on the piano, flawlessly.
7. Publish said novel.
8. Speak a different language fluently.
9. Visit the UK.
10. Go scuba diving.
11. Go to a Taylor Swift concert.
12. Collect over 50 dollars in change found around the house.
13. Go fishing for salmon.
14. Visit and buy something from an antique store.
15. Try everything on the menu at Starbucks.
16. Travel to Greece.
17. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
18. See a bear out in the wild, in it’s natural habitat.
19. Successfully paint a good picture.
20. Go to the premiere of a big motion picture.
21. Get one of my favorite authors autographs.
22. Learn to play music by ear.
23. Learn to play Dear John by Taylor Swift on the piano, by ear.
24. Go deep sea fishing.
25. Adopt two children.
26. Visit Australia.
27. Go inside the Gateway Arch in Missouri.
28. Stay with relatives for a few week in a different place, not in Oregon.
29. Go on a mission trip.
30. Apologize to everyone I have wronged. Everyone.

31. Get colored contacts and convince people I actually have that color eyes.
32. Grow my hair out.
33. Break a bone in my body. (Not on purpose, though!)
34. Wear glasses.
35. Read the Bible in it’s entirety.
36. Successfully pull an all-nighter.
37. Make an account on Twitter.

38. Sew myself a shirt.
39. Actually finish a multi-chapter story on Fanfiction.net.
40. Draw something worth sharing.
41. Move out of this town.
42. Learn all the words (and understand what they mean!) of the song Bebot by the Black Eyed Peas.
43. Make a music video.
44. Make a how-to-play video tutorial of a song on the piano and post it on Youtube.
45. Get a job.
46. Get my permit.
47. Get my license.
48. Start a conversation with a complete stranger.
49. Visit New York.
50. Eat authentic Southern food in the South.
51. Go a whole day without talking to anybody.
52. Try eggnog for the first time.
53. Receive a mixed CD from someone other than family.
54. Give a CD back.
55. Go Black Friday shopping.

56. Successfully build a snowman all by myself.
57. Write a song that actually sounds good.
58. Make a difference in someone’s life.
59. Make a sock puppet.
60. Drink black coffee, straight. No creamer or anything.
61. Eat something de-fried that’s not supposed to be deep-fried, (twinkies, oreos, etc.)
62. Lay outside in the heavy rain.
63. Win in a staring contest.
64. Buy a band tee from an actual concert.
65. Buy something from a flea market.
66. Tell someone how it is.
67. Hike both Table Rocks.
68. Get a short-haired cat.
69. Create a blog.

70. Talk to a celebrity.
71. Make a shirt from my favorite book.

72. Learn to write my name in a different language.
73. Put together a scrapbook.
74. Create my own comic strip for my own families enjoyment.
75. Graduate from high school.
76. Go to college.
77. Ban soda from my life.
78. Complete everything on this list.
79. Attend a wedding.
80. Attend a funeral.

81. Play hide n seek in a cemetery/try to conquer my fear of them. (Probably the most difficult task on this list.)
82. Visit the Parthenon in Greece.
83. Visit the Parthenon in Tennessee.
84. Go on a cruise.
85. Visit a different country.

86. Go to Harry Potter World.
87. Hold my breath for longer than a minute.
88. You.
89. Make an awesome origami horse.
90. Volunteer.

91. See the Northern Lights.
92. Punch somebody in the face.

93. Live in Seattle with my sister.
94. Dye my hair.
95. See a play/show.

96. Own a large aquarium.
97. Tell a total stranger about God and Christianity.
98. Paint my room by myself.

99. Get all A’s on a report card without parental help.
100. Go on a road trip without any destination in mind.
101. Compete in a triathlon.
102. Be on TV for one reason or another.

103. Buy a manga/graphic novel.
104. Find an arrowhead.

105. Cook dinner for the family
106. Ride horses on the beach.
107. Spend a whole day watching old disney movies.
108. Drink coconut milk from an actual coconut.
109. Be in Times Square when the ball drops.
110. Go on a run at midnight.
111. Sing in front of people. (Even though I suck. ;D)
112. Paint my nails black.
113. Learn Drops of Jupiter on the piano.
114. Webcam with someone.
115. Learn to draw anime.
116. Drive through LA in a convertable.

Obviously, I can't do some of these things at this age, but, I'm working on it! Hopefully this list will be completely struckthrough before I die.



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